Size Guide

So, you have decided its time to give your boring old timepiece a new look.

But you’re not sure if you want a colourful NATO or a Solid coloured NATO, or maybe just replacing that old worn out Leather strap (Gents, if it spells funky, it’s time to replace that Leather strap) but once you have decided what style you want on your timepiece it becomes a reality. We have a large selection of all the mentioned straps and we are constantly adding new colours and styles.

Now comes the next question, what size do I need for my timepiece? This might feel like a daunting question as straps normally vary in only a millimetre. Well, you’re in luck, we have the expertise and we will show you exactly how to measure your timepiece lugs size to get the correct size.

Firstly, some Leather straps has their size embossed on them for easy reference as seen below. If the size was embossed on your current Leather strap but your Leather strap was been used and abused by wearing no need to panic our last option will help you.

Secondly, most timepiece will have a reference number engraved on the case back as seen below, a quick search using our good friend Google will display technical information about your timepiece including lug width. Some brands don’t display any information on their case backs. Older timepieces that was engraved on their case backs might by now be worn out and difficult to see but again no need to panic our last option will help you.

And finally, another way to find your lug width is to measure the lug size with a ruler. There are two ways to measure. The first would be to measure lug horn to lug horn as been below.


The second would be to measure the current strap on your timepiece as close as possible to the spring bar insert as seen below.



Now that you have the knowledge to measure your own timepiece lug width, you can add new straps to your timepiece and give your timepiece that new and well deserved great look.

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