Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of our frequently asked questions.


Size, Fit & Availability

How do I know what size strap I need for my watch?

On some leather straps a size will be stamped on the inside of leather strap. A quick internet search of your timepiece reference number will provide technical information including lug width. You can also measure with a ruler the size you need, measure either your current strap width where it attaches to your timepiece or from lug horn to lug horn. Alternatively, you can send us a picture of your timepiece, front and back in great detail and we will assist where possible. Please send picture to info@watchstrapssa.co.za

I am looking for a size that’s not on our website, do you have more sizes available?

We are adding more sizes as they become available, most of our straps are currently only available in 18, 20 and 22 mm if however, you need a specific size please email us at info@watchstrapssa.co.za

Will your straps fit my watch?

All our straps work with straight spring bars if your timepiece uses a straight spring bar our straps will definitely fit. If you are still unsure, please email us a picture of your timepiece front and back so we can assist. Please email pictures to info@watchstrapssa.co.za

When will your sold-out stock be available again?

We try our best to keep stock on high levels, if an item is sold-out we replenish stock as soon as possible. If an item is sold-out and you would like us to keep an item for you, please email us at info@watchstrapssa.co.za

I would like a different colour strap that’s not on your website can you get different colours?

Yes, we can please email any colours or colour combination straps you would love to get to us or even better send us a picture of the strap that you might have seen somewhere, and we will assist however we can. Email us at info@watchstrapssa.co.za

Can you make me a custom strap?

Unfortunately, not at this time.


Stores and Retailers

Where are your stores located?

Currently we are only based online.


Payment and Security

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards: MasterCard and Visa cards that are 3D Secure enabled. We also accept Payfast Instant EFT and PayD

We will need your 16-digit card number, the expiry date, the CVV number (the last 3 digits on the back of your card) and your name exactly as it appears on the front of the card.

When will the payment be deducted from your account?

Immediately - which means we can start processing your order straight away.

What is 3D secure?

3D Secure is an initiative by Visa and MasterCard to add an extra level of security when using your card online. A 3D Secure-enabled card will require the entry of a one-time PIN before your order can be placed. If you have never set your card up for 3D Secure one-time PINs, your bank will automatically take you through the process the first time you try and pay.

The 3D-Secure refers to three domains involved in the security they are:

the Acquiring or Merchant's bank

the Card Association's financial networks i.e. Mastercard and Visa

the Issuing or Cardholder's bank.

Very simply the system authenticates the cardholder before the transaction takes place by diverting the browser to the bank that issued the card, who then request some secret, perhaps a pin, from their cardholder that will conclusively prove that this actually is the cardholder entitled to use this card. Once they are satisfied that this is their cardholder they issue an authentication receipt which is then presented to the merchant's bank along with the authorisation request. If the transaction is then approved by the issuing bank they may not charge the transaction back to the merchant because the cardholder disputes the transaction as not being originated by them.



Is there a minimum order value in place?

No, Free delivery on all orders.

How can I see if stock is available?

Our stock levels currently will not be displayed on our store. If there is no stock of the item available, you will not be able to order it.

If, however you would like to order an item that’s out of stock please email info@watchstrapssa.co.za and we can inform you as soon as the item becomes available.

What if I don't check out my items?

The products you have added to your basket will remain there until you either remove them, or they are automatically removed.

Can I order from another country?

No, we can only deliver to addresses within South Africa. NO deliveries are possible to other countries. Only South African banks' cards are accepted to minimise fraud.

How will I know if my order was successfully placed?

You will receive confirmation of your order via the e-mail address you entered at checkout.



Where do you deliver to?

We only deliver within South Africa. Please note that we are not able to deliver to P.O. Box addresses, only to physical addresses. If you live in an estate, please ensure that the security gate will allow the courier company to enter or arrange drop off by security personnel. If this is your arrangement it is your responsibility to collect from the security personnel; otherwise choose an alternative address to ensure speedy delivery. We do not deliver to addresses outside South Africa.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery to Main Areas 2 - 3 Business Days. Delivery to Regional Areas 5 - 7 Business Days. Please have a look at our Delivery page for quick reference.

What will delivery cost?

Delivery is free on all orders.

How will I know when my order will be delivered?

As soon as we receive a waybill number for your parcel from our courier we will forward this to you. You can track your parcel from the courier website which we will send to you via the email address you used at check out.

I was not available to accept delivery. How do I get my delivery now?

If you were not at the specified delivery address the courier company will phone you later that day to arrange an alternative delivery time.


Need more help?

Please use our Contact Us page to submit your Question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.